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As well as publishing our own collections of short stories we help aspiring writers to publish their own work. Details of what's involved can be found at

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We are happy to help with any aspect of publishing. All you need is your manuscript.

Flash Fiction

Quirky Humans Members of the Sheppey Writers Groups have been writing and publishing for many years, and Flash Fiction is our second collaboration.

As the title suggests, it is a collection of very short stories, none over 500 words

Why not and take a look. You'll find it on this site at

Quirky Humans and Others

Quirky Humans Members of the Sheppey Writers Groups have been writing and publishing for many years, but Quirky Humans And Others is our first collaboration.

It is a collection of stories written by us over the years.

Why not and take a look. You'll find it on this site at

We are a small group of enthusiastic writers who meet to chat and socialise every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month at the Napier pub, Sheerness, Kent, UK, starting at 3pm.

For the latest information visit our Facebook page at Sheppey Writer's Group.

As you can see across the page, we have our own publishing house. Since we are both published and self-published authors we have a wealth of information on getting a manuscript from early draft to released book. We say released rather than published, because today it includes other media such as ebooks or audio books. If you would like to discuss your own manuscript then email us at


The Written Word
Like any writers' group we enjoy our short stories and poems. You can find our efforts at at Better still, keep an eye on our Facebook page and come to one of our readings.

We also write books, some published and some self-published and there's a full list at the bottom of this page. Unless marked otherwise, books were published by TAUP UK

This is a new feature currently under testing. Over time, we will add stories and poems for you to enjoy.

Andy and Zac by Peter Apps

Read by Peter Apps
Everything's Fine Dear by Peter Apps

Read by Mark Ellen
Test piece by Someone

Test piece by Someone


Scripts for video, TV or radio are also a part of writing. There are many different modern ways of telling a story or reading out a poem such as audio books,so as a progressive group, we work in all media forms. You can see some of our efforts at:


Back To Books
This is the the most recent list of members books. Most are published by TAUP UK but as mentioned before the marked volumes are by other publishers.

James Apps
And Darkly Glows The City
Jake’s Progress
Stories From The Darkside
The Kowhai and Me
The Turval and the Grobble
The Cats of Angel City
Mothership Journey
Zradian Chronicles
The Reluctant Hero
The Professor and his Son

Peter Apps
Stuart Johnson Chronicles
The Long Way Round1
Time Askew
Deja Vu To The Nth
Earth Against Earth
Across The Continuum Sea
Peter Apps (cont)
Worlds Beyond
The Growing Universe
Disastrous Science
Fracture Point
Meanwhile In Time

Malcolm Gibbs
The Island Gang Narratives

Gordon Henderson*
David Statton Stories
Operation Seal Island
The Mandela Project
Litter Angels
Pigeon Pie And Other Tasty Tales
A Walk to the Duck Pond
and Other Poems
Anthony Padman
My Learned Friend3
Stories of Christopher and Natalie3
The Killing of a Nobody3

Ruth Partis
My Sister's Shoes2
The Incomplete Works of Ruth Partis2

Sheppey Writers Group*
Quirky Humans And Others
Flash Fiction

Jeremy Thornton*
Praise And Applause
Other Publishers: - 1: StarBook Press USA, 2: Green Arrow Publishing 3:
* - No dedicated web site available.
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