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As Tau Publishing UK, we have published more than twenty books and these pages describe our experiences.

Let's assume that you have written your book. I'm sorry to disappoint you but at his stage it's probably not ready for publishing; it'll need editing. It's not easy admitting that your efforts are not perfect but you can either find an editor or wait for the complaints and adverse comments of your readers.

Editing takes time but there is still plenty of work to do. You need a book cover and, you to need to get it out onto the internet. Although you already have a title, consider whether it will stand out amongst others. It might seem early days but it takes time for your title to circulate and the front cover will make it more noticeable.

All this supposes that it's not picked up by a publisher, for your sake, I hope that it is. However these pages are intended for writers who want to go it alone. Even if it is picked up you need a web site to base your publicity around so some are still relevant.

Onto the first step.

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