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ISBN Codes And Setting Up


Nielsen Bookdata
provides the necessary services to publish a book. Most importantly they provide an ISBN. Print On Demand publishers also provide ISBNs usually for free but be sure that you can use it anywhere. The advantage of purchasing your own number is that it circulates throughout the book industry.

I feel that there is a circular problem. I'm posting the book details before everything is decided but I need the ISBN number before I can design the cover and the manuscript can be made print ready.

Nielsen's also set up a service so that I can receive and process orders.

Warning If you don't use a graphics designer then make sure you obtain a bar code that can be printed on the cover. I tried generating one and printing it out on my home printer. The scanner in the local library could not read it.

ISBNs are not compulsory but together with the barcodes they assist in the automatic processing of books which I assume places like Amazon need.

There is often a smaller code beside the ISBN. This is a pricing code. If your book sells for $14.73 in the US then this second code is 51473. The currency codes are a little elusive to find but so far I have:-

0 - GBP
1 - GBP
3 - New Zealand
4 - Australia
5 - US$
6 - Canada
9 - 9000 price unspecified,
This is the best information I have so far. It should be verified before use. The missing numbers may be European countries now using the Euro.Only a few places require this though.
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