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There's nothing like having something in your hand to make it feel real. Nowadays, you can rely on a print-on-demand firm like Createspace but if you want copies for friends, promotion or simply to show off it's worth having a few printed locally. One firm made it clear that I needed space for them to unload a pallet so they were more interested in large orders. However a local firm will print as few as twenty books for me.

I mentioned showing off and there's nothing wrong with being proud of your achievement. If you've got this far then it is an achievement. People will be interested so have something to show them.

If you are serious about becoming a publisher then you also need to deposit books with the Legal Deposit Libraries.


From Andrew.Davis@bl.uk
The principle that a national printed archive should be maintained by a legal requirement to deposit has been well established for almost four centuries and has great advantages for authors and publishers:

Publications deposited with the British Library are preserved for the benefit of future generations, and become part of the national heritage, being made available to users, for reference only, in its various Reading Rooms,

Publications are recorded in our online catalogue, and will remain an essential research tool for generations to come.

Most of the books and new serial titles are listed in the British National Bibliography (BNB), which is used by librarians and the book trade for stock selection, is available in a variety of formats, and has a world-wide distribution.

If you have not already done so, deposit of the best available copy of a new title should be made with the British Library Legal Deposit Office at the following address:-

Legal Deposit Office
The British Library
Boston Spa, Wetherby
West Yorkshire
LS23 7BY

Full details on UK Legal Deposit and the voluntary deposit schemes available for electronic publications, can be found on the British Library website at http://www.bl.uk/aboutus/stratpolprog/legaldep/index.html

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you well in your publishing ventures and if you have any questions or issues relating to Legal Deposit, then do please contact me directly.

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