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Flash Fiction is an eclectic collection of short stories by the authors of the Sheppey Writer’s Group and contributors from Sheppey and beyond.

We welcome stories from Malcom Gibbs (The Island Gang Narratives), Ruth Partis, well known Island Poet and short story writer, Peter Apps author of the excellent Sci-fi Novella Fracture Point, and Wally Newby, a one time leader of the Sheppey Writers.

The stories reflect the wide range of interests of the authors from quiet tales to disturbing horror, We have gentle ghost tales, stories that take the reader into a different world. Then there's the whimsical humour of Fred Woodworth, the very short stories by Tony Stubley, the historical tales by Anthony Padman and the new writing of Amanda Cooper, Selina Jobbins and Mike Pearce.

It all add up to a good read so why not buy a copy and settle down for an evening's entertainment.

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Publisher: TAU Publishing UK
Category: Fiction
Paperback: 100 pages
Language: English
ISBN: 978-0-9955713-6-5

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He returned to the blank page on his computer. He’d done everything he could to delay actually doing what he had to do. He’d read his E-mails, he’s checked his Facebook. He’s even collected up all the paper re-cycling and put it outside in the bin. He’d had two cups of coffee and eaten a banana. But, it really was now time to write the report for the local paper on last night’s meeting.

It was quite a simple task really; at least it would have been if he’d actually been at the meeting. He’d been there at the start – he’d collected the entrance money, but once the lights went down and the speaker started his talk with slides, he’s whispered to his neighbour that he had a message from home and had to leave. He’d got to his armchair just in time to see the start of the football match he’d wanted to watch.

In the darkness no-one would have seen him go and he’d quite happily missed the talk about ‘Fossil Hunting in Kent.’ His father had been a fossil hunter too and he’d got enough horrific memories of rain and windswept beaches and shoe boxes filled with labelled bits of fossil, to last a lifetime.

He wrote ‘Members viewed the slides with great interest and were excited to actually touch the real pieces of fossil that the speaker passed round. They were amazed to hear that they had been found under cliffs very near their homes. The speaker was entertaining and very knowledgeable about his subject. He was warmly applauded and thanked for his talk by members.’

He thought that was grovelling enough about what was probably a very tedious talk. He continued ‘ Afterwards members enjoyed tea and biscuits and the meeting closed at 9.30pm. The speaker at the next meeting will be….’

He stopped writing at this. He hadn’t a clue who the next speaker was. He checked his Facebook page again, and his E-mails but he couldn’t face another cup of coffee. He checked the messages on his phone then dialled a friend who was at the meeting and casually asked him who the speaker was to be at the next meeting. “It’s the Fossil Man.” He replied.

“What again?” He spluttered.

“Well yes, after the hall’s power failure, we asked him to come back next month. Where were you? I looked for you as we went out but someone said you’d gone home. We all went to the pub to watch the match. We had a great evening. Terrific atmosphere.”

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