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Quirky Humans

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Believe it or not the Sheppey Writers Group is based on the Isles of Sheppey in Kent, UK and Isles is the first quirk of this book for Sheppey is a group of islands albeit separated by dykes and ditches but isles nontheless.

From Ruth Partis' offbeat view of the world, James Apps' definitely dark and weird view of it, through to Peter Apps' more lighthearted approach, there is something for everyone. Oh yes, I did not really forget Karm Arger and neither will you after reading his contributions.

These stories are not meant to take you too far from your comfort zone but are meant remind you of the rich variety of human life .

Hopefully there's something for everyone so please enjoy this anthology, our first group effort.

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Publisher: TAU Publishing UK
Category: Fiction
Paperback: 175 pages
Language: English
ISBN: 978-0-9929706-1-1

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Funny how these things happen! You go for years being absolutely normal, then – bang – it’s got you; you have become a victim. Your world has turned upside down. Don’t know what I am talking about? Well, I’ll tell you; listen and, maybe, I’ll explain.

For forty seven years I lived a humdrum life; getting up seven in the morning, having breakfast at eight, catching the eight thirty train to the city and coming back home by five o’clock; so the cycle went on, and on, until this happened. It was a Saturday. The wife announced that among the mushrooms in her cultivated patch there appeared to be an odd one. Would I come and take a look?

I went, of course. There, on a mound by itself, was a green-domed mushroom about a foot high. Since this was something unique, we called upon Mr. Baumgarten, our local gardening expert and old German friend for his opinion.

Kein angst – is schoner pils – kann essen. “Have no fear; it’s good mushroom which you can eat. And so we did. That evening the foot high green mushroom came served on a dinner plate.

Some three months afterwards, much to my surprise, my wife complained that her skin appeared to be changing colour; it was turning from its Caucasian white to a translucent green. Funnily enough, she said the same thing about me too, although I had not noticed it. Know what? It was absolutely true. Though I was much darker, I too was becoming green...

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