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Deeds and Words is a volume of poems and stories, by the Sheppey Writers Group, and friends, relating to the 2018 Sheppey Promenade Festival, whose theme was based around the WW1 Armistice Centenary and the role Suffragettes and women generally, during the Great War. The challenge for the writers was to focus on the positive and yet not ignore the horror of the 1914 — 18 conflict and to write some entertaining pieces.

We have produced a mixture of articles and poems embracing fact and fiction that looks back to past events from our modern point of view.

We explain why we tell tales from a Barbed Wire Island and use the Suffragettes battle cry “Deeds not Words”, as part of our title.

We are indebted to the Community and the Sheppey Promenade Group for their encouragement and interest in the project.

So, open the book, read on and enjoy the thoughts of Sheppey Islanders commemorating the actions of our ancestors.

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Publisher: TAU Publishing UK
Category: Fiction
Paperback: 101 pages
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1-09868655-0-5

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